My English Makeover is an effective and fun way of improving your English Language proficiency. The emphasis is on usage, and communication in the real world, rather than on definitions and rules.

The programme comprises meticulously customized, one-on-one classes delivered over Skype. The focus of each of these classes is YOU – the content is structured around your current level of English, and your specific goals and requirements; the classes are conducted during your preferred timings and they can be accessed by you from your home or office or any other convenient location.


  • Each one-on-one class is of 60 minutes duration
  • You may choose to take 2 or 3 classes per week
  • Each class cover one or more of the below aspects, depending on your specific needs and goals:
    • Clear speech – Pronunciation, accent and intonation
    • Fluency
    • Good grammar and reduction of common errors
    • Vocabulary enhancement
    • Writing skills
    • Job related skills: making effective presentations, email and resume writing, and, facing interviews
  • You can enroll for multiples of 8 classes. (You will be guided during the demo session about the approximate number of classes that you need for your goals to be achieved.)


We are all aware of the advantages of perfect speech:

  • Clear communication
  • Enhanced confidence in professional and social situations
  • A positive personal image
  • Better opportunities for career growth

What you get on the course

  • A learner-centric environment
  • Student-teacher talk ratio of 70:30
  • Tons of practice exercises and assignments
  • Immediate feedback on your progress
  • Invaluable tips towards quick improvement


  1. Schedule a free demo class. This will help to evaluate your present level of English proficiency, and to get an idea of your goals and requirements. An optimum number of classes will be suggested, keeping in mind the above.
  2. Registration
    • You will receive an email outlining:
      • a summary of the demo class
      • the optimum number of classes that you require
      • the schedule of classes based on mutually agreed upon timings
    • Send in your confirmation acknowledging the above to register.
  3. Make an online payment for the first set of classes.
  4. Start your first class over Skype on the scheduled date, at the scheduled time